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FP7 IRSES / Horizon 2020 RISE Co-investment Funding

Marie Curie's International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES) helps research organisations to set up or strengthen long-term cooperation with others, through a coordinated exchange programme for their staff.

South African participants in the IRSES project may not receive funding from the European Union for their participation in IRSES projects if applications for such funding were not well motivated. In cases where funding is provided, South African participants may still require additional financial support to cover the expenses to be incurred while visiting their project partners. Cognisant to these issues, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) created the "FP7 IRSES and Horizon 2020 RISE Co-investment Funding". Under this Instrument, the DST is able to support South African participants (a maximum of three persons per project per year) in FP7 IRSES projects. The DST will provide financial support of up to R30 000 per person per month (a maximum of 12 months). Budgetary requirements and expenditure will, however, need to be fully justified. All requests should be drafted using the FP7 IRSES and Horizon 2020 RISE Co-investment Funding application template available below.

Kindly note, DST will now need to enter into contracts with the applicant's institution for all our funding instruments established to support SA's participation in the European Union funded programmes. As a result, it may take up to a month to get a response and receive a contract from us. It is important for applicants to submit applications two months before the planned activity to have enough time to process and arrange payment.


Always download the latest templates here - do not submit using previously downloaded templates

Application template: DOC | DOCX | RTF

Report template: DOC | DOCX | RTF

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