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2013 FP7 FIRE Cooperation Activity with South Africa Co-investment Funding

Successful South African FP7 participants in the 2013 FP7 FIRE cooperation activity with South Africa, can now apply for funding from the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

South African participants may apply for strategic co-investment funding to help cover some of the approved FP7 project costs to be incurred in their projects to the total amount of:

  • 80% for universities, other public funded institutions, and SMEs
  • 50% for larger companies (more than 250 employees)

Applicants must submit a comprehensive application form detailing, for example, the strategic significance of the project from a national R&D perspective. All requests should be drafted using the FP7 FIRE call co-investment funding application template.

Kindly note, DST will now need to enter into contracts with the applicant's institution for all our funding instruments established to support SA's participation in the European Union funded programmes. As a result, it may take up to a month to get a response and receive a contract from us. It is important for applicants to submit applications two months before the planned activity to have enough time to process and arrange payment.


Always download the latest templates here - do not submit using previously downloaded templates

Application template: DOC | DOCX | RTF

Report template: DOC | DOCX | RTF

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