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FP7 ERAfrica Project Seed Funding

One of the key challenges potential South African FP7 participants will meet is to find partners and financial support to fund international travel to meet and write potential ERAfrica proposal with other partners.

Cognisant of the difficulties sometimes posed to South African researchers in joining consortia for FP7 participation, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) has created a "Seed Funding Instrument." Under the Seed Funding Instrument, the DST is able to support the travel costs of South African researchers travelling to Europe or Africa to meet other partners with a purpose of writing proposal for the ERAfrica joint call. Alternatively funding can be granted to support the hosting of the partners in South Africa with the aim of writing the proposal for ERAfrica joint call.

Funding is allocated upon the evaluation of applications submitted to the DST. Seed funding applications for example have to demonstrate the applicant's prior, thorough interrogation of the thematic area of research activity concerned, communication with potential partners, and an invite by the European or African partners to come and participate in a project proposal discussion in Europe or Africa.

All requests should be drafted using the seed funding application template. Seed funding requests should be submitted a month in advance to DST, and applicants will get DST's response within 10 working days after submitting the request.

Note: Applications should be accompanied by an invitation from an European or African partner to visit Europe or Africa as well as flight and accommodation confirmations in line with the budget submitted.

Kindly note, DST will now need to enter into contracts with the applicant's institution for all our funding instruments established to support SA's participation in the European Union funded programmes. As a result, it may take up to a month to get a response and receive a contract from us. It is important for applicants to submit applications two months before the planned activity to have enough time to process and arrange payment.


Always download the latest templates here - do not submit using previously downloaded templates

Application template: DOC | DOCX | RTF

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